Brighton Foodies Festival

I was lucky enough to win tickets to this years’ Brighton Foodies Festival at Hove lawns on Twitter, which was perfect as I had always heard good things about it and had no concrete plans for the bank holiday weekend.  The win also proved in my mind that the time I while away on social media is not entirely wasted; it reaps some rewards in real life! This is my justification anyway and I am sticking to it.

vintage icecream van

The festival is made up of stalls from over a hundred local food and drink producers along with live music, live cooking demonstrations and LOTS of bars. The weather was glorious and my friend Sarah and I had a great time wondering around drinking, eating, drinking and eating some more over the course of the afternoon.  First up was sampling some Hoopers “traditionally British alcoholic brews”.  I had the ginger flavour while Sarah tried the Strawberry and elderflower.

Hoopers ginger beer

As we were both nursing fairly severe hangovers and feeling a little fragile this was the perfect refreshing hair-of-the-dog drink to ease us into the day and I thought the ginger one tasted much better and less synthetic than crabbies alcoholic ginger beer.

Brighton Foodies Festival

Next it was time to eat some food. We started with free samples from an amazing cheese stall which included unsual cheese flavours such as spicy piri piri, caramelised onion and red wine, whiskey and even caramel cheese (which I was informed is delicious on a digestive biscuit).

Appetites whet it was time to move onto the main event as we decided what we wanted for our main meal. There was everything on offer from paella and burritos to tagines and curry but we decided to go for weather-inappropriate pie because in Sarah’s own words: “I love pie. I know it’s not a very lady like thing to love. But pie it is probably my favourite food. I just really love pie”. The girl likes pie.

Higgidy pie

I had a sweet potato, spinach and feta pie with cheddar mash and onion gravy. At £8.00 I thought it was a little steep but it was very tasty and incredibly filling. It acted as a good stomach lining for the Mr.Trotters ale we drank next. This was surprisingly delicious; especially as I for some reason thought it was cider and was shocked I had ordered ale. We also loved the friendly northerners behind the bar who also gave us free Mr.Trotters crisps and chatted to us about the product.

Bus Bar

We rounded off the day with a fabulous banoffee waffle with butterscotch sauce, whipped cream and chocolate shavings which was as good as it sounds. All in all the atmosphere was great and it was a lovely way to spend the afternoon although I don’t know if I would have paid the standard £12.00 entry fee had I not won tickets. The prices for food and drink weren’t cheap so if you do go next time remember to bring suffiicent cash – especially as the cash machines charge you £3.00 to use them.

Banoffe waffle

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