Review: Shahi Tandoori takeaway

I must admit that when it comes to Indian takeaway, the boyfriend and I have been stuck in a bit of a rut. We never stray from our beloved Bhindis on the Lewes road and religiously order their amazing vegetable rogan curry, peshwari naan and a generous portion of onion bhajis. Having been disappointed by tasteless curries elsewhere when we have dared to be adventurous and order from somewhere new we have been wary of straying again.

So when hungryhouse invited me to sample a different Indian restaurant to celebrate the publication of their Brighton’s Top Takeaways list it seemed like the perfect opportunity to try something new! The 2015 Top Takeaways list was created based on user reviews from hungryhouse customers and features only the top 500 takeaways in the UK from a choice of 10,000 so Shahi Tandoori essentially came with a firm stamp of approval from other curry lovers.

I always like to check out reviews because although you won’t agree with everyone all the time, it can give a good indication of whether or not a place is worth trying. Overall Shahi Tandoori had very positive feedback with some reviewers saying it is their favourite curry house in Brighton and the best curry they have ever tasted although there were also a few negative comments about the delivery time, temperature of the food upon arrival and that some people commenting that the food was bland so I was interested to try their curry for myself and find out who I would agree with.

We opted to order a house special: Kudhary, a north Indian dish consisting of capsicums, coriander and green chilli minus the usual minced meat topping, onion bhajis, peshwari naan, Pumpkin bhajis and some pistachio kulfi for dessert (yes we were hungry). The order took longer than we thought it would but hungry house did send us an email to explain that as they were particularly busy there would be some delay, and as it was a Friday night it is understandable. When it did eventually arrive the food was a good temperature and everything we ordered was present and correct.

The curry was flavoursome and noticeably less oily than many other takeaways that have been known to leave trails of orange grease staining every surface they touch florescent yellow. There was a palpable reduction in post-curry bloat as well so the lack of grease is a big positive. The onion bhajis were tasty however sadly the peshwari naan was a little burnt (which I don’t mind but the boyfriend is less keen on). The only disappointing dish was the pumpkin bhaji which didn’t quite live up to the anticipation I had built when reading the menu; the flavours here were a little too subtle for my liking. Also worth noting that the popodoms were perfectly crisp which is a big deciding factor on whether an Indian takeaway t it good in my eyes! We were a little disappointed to discover the kulfi is just shop-bought and not home-made but it was still a nice sweet end to the meal.

All in all the boyfriend and I both agreed that flavour-wise it didn’t quite hit the heights of Bhindis but was certainly not bland and one of the better curries I have had in Brighton for sure.I think it has certainly made us consider branching out and exploring other Indian restaurants and takeaways next time we are planning a Friday night in with a takeaway, TV and a glass of vino.

Shahi tandoori Curry

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